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Affiliate Overview

Ofaex Hosting affiliate program let’s you earn upto 25% from a referral. We run re-targeting ads & marketing campaigns to maximize your conversion. You can always receive dedicated support from the affiliate manager and community.

Payouts are regular and always on time. It’s easy to send withdrawal request and receive the payout via PayPal, Payoneer or Mobile Banking. We understand that customer may not purchase at the first impression. So we provide the 60 days tracking cookies. If that traffic comes back & purchases within 60 days, you get the commission!


Inituitive Dashboard

Cached Tracking System

Simple Affiliate Link

Premium 24x7 Support

Best Products On The Market

We provide vairiety of products and services that'll suit your visitors need

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Secured Infrastructure

We always maintain highest security for our clients, resellers and affiliate partners. So our products and services are. You can refer your dearest one and rest assured that everyone is in right hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Monetize your blog, LMS or YouTube channel with our hosting affiliate program and build another passive income streams that earns money on automation.

Offer our service with your products, SaaS, plugins, theme as addon service and get the most out of your campaign. Build a passive income stream that pays off.

Signup As An Affiliate

Your affiliate account will be setup instantly.
As soon as you join our affiliate program, we will deposit $1 welcoming bonus on your account.
Minimum withdrwal is as low as $10.
We share commission as percentage basis, if you make one successful sale, you will receive 25% of the total amount.
You can withdraw via PayPal, Payoneer, Cryptocurrency or Mobile Banking account.
Yes, we do provide 24x7 priority support to affiliates.